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Join David for this fun, fast and easy fusion Telemark technique.  Very popular style for those who like to sell their paintings.  This style take the traditions of Telemark and advances it to the looks desired by today's artists and Rosemaling fans.  Watch this video now on our Rosemaling Channel.

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  31:32 Minutes

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We are in the process of building 4 channels.  Due to the number of videos we are currently uploading, we have spread them over 4 channels for better navigation.  We have also received some requests for landscaping channel. Watch as we build and activate these new channels.  1 subscription give you all channels.

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We have a new feature coming to our channel this next week.  Q & A is a special feature where we will use video to answer your questions and show techniques you want to see!  If you have a special technique you would like to see more detail on or just a quick question, please use the form from this link (Question and Answer Form) and we will read your question and answer it with our next videos.

We have received some requests for a full landscape channel.  This will include videos on the basics of landscapes and full length historical landscapes.  Subscribers let us know your thoughts!  You want it, we will try to make it happen!  Comments please use this form...   Contact and Request Form


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